FINTEF offers itself as a partner in the decarbonisation and efficiency processes of the Public Administration in European countries, providing technological and financial solutions.


By 2030, the EU will have to get at least 32% of its energy from renewable sources and reach an energy efficiency headline target of 32.5%.

The new targets are set out in the Clean Energy Package recently concluded by the co-legislators. The revised Renewable energy Directive, the revised Energy Efficiency Directive as well as the Regulation on a Governance for the Energy Union have already entered into force. 

As part of this new Energy Union governance, all EU Member States have submitted their draft national energy and climate plans to the Commission with the next step being recommendations by the Commission. These plans will form the national pledges towards the binding EU target for renewables. Energy efficiency in the Public Administration is a very important piece for the energy policy in each country, like other sectors (tertiary and industrial). 

One of the three main points of the European Directive on Energy Efficiency is precisely the exemplary role of Public Administration in the coming years. Investment spending, as a necessary element to increase the competitiveness of the country system, finds limitations in the very stringent public budget constraints. 

The road to the development of a real “public” energy efficiency market is still long;  in fact, in addition to the economic-financial restraints, the Public Administration has a multi-year deficit of information and a laking of specific internal skills. 

There are some mechanisms that can facilitate the decision-making process of energy efficiency in the PA:the  Energy Performance Contract (and therefore to the ESCo) and the public private partnership (PPP).


In its action,  FINTEF  – considers as priorities the following European countries:

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal


FINTEF is an interlocutor capable of developing this business reliably thanks to experience, excellent technologies and financial availability. In our approach, technological tools and financial instruments converge in simple solutions to face this challenge from the Public Administration. FINTEF is planning to operate as a benefit corporation.

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FINTEF  is seeking an Engineer to join our Energy team, which provides support to our energy efficiency programs in Madeira, in Portugal and in some European countries.

The successful candidate will have a collaborative, flexible and innovative approach to his or her work and will offer observations for improvement.

 This position is based out of our Funchal office.



The candidate will be mainly related to projects of Decarbonization, Energy Efficiency and Development of Energy Districts with Renewable Energy Sources specifically in Madeira and sometimes in other locations of your Country.

This person is expected to work as FINTEF staff and to involve the local Public Administration Entities and the local ESCO/EMC Companies: this person will also keep a competent supervisioning-eye on each project during the whole phase, from the feasibility-study till the realization and its running period in the future.

Depending on his skills, this person is expected to become in the future the Director of our Technical Department in Madeira and in Portugal.



The  main requirements for this position are as follows:

a. a local resident in Madeira island

b. a person able to talk and write in English-language

c. a University Degree profile, who is graduated in Energy-Engineering or Industrial-Engineering with main focus on technical aspects of Decarbonization and Energy fficiency

d. our basic requirement is for a young engineer, even with University Degree just got. A 2-3 year-experienced engineer would be even better, highly appreciated

f. the employment contract is expected to start from next month (January 2020).



The salary is expected to be agreed depending on the technical profile.

Please, send your CV by e-mail to

Fintef - Avenida Arriaga, n.30 - 1° A
9000-064 Funchal - PORTUGAL

+351 308806484